What is perfume allergy and how to prevent it?

perfume allergy The most common types of allergies are the food allergy, environmental and chemical allergies. When one thinks of allergies or someone having an allergic reaction the last thing one would think of is perfume allergy. Although not as popular or common, perfume allergies do exist. For those who have never heard of them or don’t quite understand them, perfume allergy is when the immune system reacts negatively to one or more substances that are in scented products, most of them being perfumes. This isn’t to be confused with fragrance sensitivity. Although sometimes mentioned in the same context and used as synonyms perfume allergies and fragrance sensitivity are actually two different things.

What causes perfume allergy

             Like regular allergies no one can determine exactly what causes perfume allergic reactions. Genetics and the environment certainly play a part in the development of perfume allergies. However, there are no real factors to determine what triggers one to have them. People who already have allergies are more likely to become allergic to certain perfumes and fragrances. This leads many to believe the nurturing of the immune system could be one of the reasons for perfume allergies. This could also be due to the fact that people who already have allergies have a weaker immune system.  Just as the immune system considers certain foods and proteins a negative substance for the body and tries to fight them off, the body takes on that same mechanism for certain fragrances and begins to fight those scents off. These cause allergic reaction symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, itching, hives and rashes.

The difference between perfume allergy and fragrance sensitivity

           Even though they’re often mentioned as the same thing there’s a difference between perfume allergy and fragrance sensitivity. As stated before, perfume allergy is when the immune system is actually affected by a certain substance in a fragrance or perfume which causes an allergic reaction. Whereas fragrance sensitivity is when one’s body becomes irritated by a substance in a perfume or fragrance. However, fragrance sensitivity has no effect on the immune system. At the same time it can trigger the same symptoms allergies can. This is why they appear to be the same, because to the naked eye they have the same affects.

Preventing perfume allergy

            There are several different methods of prevention that can be used against perfume allergies. Besides staying away from scents altogether one can try natural scents and organic fragrances which will help with the immune system. Drinking a lot of water can also help with allergic reactions. Another way to prevent perfume allergies is knowing exactly what scent and ingredient you’re allergic to. Most people that have those allergies don’t know the exact scent or ingredients that irritate them. It’s very important to know what’s causing your reactions. That’s the last effective method of prevention that can help anyone with perfume allergies. Knowing the substance in the item that you’re allergic to will help in the future with so many labels, products and brands.

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