Preparing For That Calorie Deficit Life

Recently I have taken a couple month long breaks off of watching my eating, I went on a training vacation to Florida for a week, America is amazing… the amount of nutritious and delicious burgers of all different shapes and sizes fill my needs, I love burgers god dammit! anyways, I obviously gained some weight over that time and now it is time to melt this stuff off hate feeling flab on my stomach, I have tried numerous “diets” in the past… I even went Vegan for a month but I love eating flesh so I stopped that, in the end… I have learned that simplicity rules over all, people work really hard at making life so much more complicated then it has to be, thus in my search for something to get me out of this crashing system I came all the way back to the Calorie Deficit… I studied up on this shit for some time and learned that you can basically eat whatever the fuck you want and still lose weight! Really?  Yes, really I have done this so check this out, this is what worked for me.

Okay so, where we get started, all you need to do is calculate your maintenance level of calories for your body weight! now this equation is to roughly estimate what yours is, so this is what you need to do.


Body Weight in (lbs) x 14-17 = estimated daily calorie maintenance level.


once you have this number, simply subtract calories in order to lose weight per week, for myself, I usually do a gradual decrease in calories, I find it helps me deal with hunger a lot easier when its gradual, so you do not just binge out one night because of Rage hunger, doing this also leads everything to a more sustainable life style, so your not just cutting down to binge right after and gain it all back. If I am currently eating more then my maintenance level, I will gradually decrease calories to maintenance, then slowly decrease calories until I am in a 500 calorie deficit. Best part about the Calorie deficit is… it does not matter what you eat… as long as your in the deficit your good, reason being is that food is energy, your body does not sit their and go oh this McDonald’s cheese burger is bad for you so I am going to make you gain fat, no, it does not work like that, however I am not saying eating purely garbage food is the best way to go about this, but we want a sustainable life style, so live a little… I love chocolate, so I eat it every day when I am on the deficit… including smores pop tarts, but the other 80 percent of the food intake during the day is wholesome foods.


If all other ways have failed for you then give this style of eating a try, I strongly believe in never limiting oneself… we are all going to die someday so I am going to enjoy the food I put in my body while I am here, good for me or not. a lot of mainstream diets are bull shit, just ways of making your life a little shittier and ways for making them money. I will be updating my fat melting as I go along, I assure you I will be getting shredded while still eating junk food, oh and strength gains! all about them strength gains! something I forgot to mention, as for carbs, proteins and fats, I would say depending on your individual needs, if your an athlete like my self, usually high carbs, high proteins,  I never forget fats, little bit of coconut oil on my meals works best for me. till next time guys! peace!

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