I am tired of explaining evolution to people : See the First And Second Picture

Have you heard the questions like,

“If humans evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?!”

“I am not an ape. My ancestors were humans! I do not BELIEVE in that crap!”

 So here is the true thing about which every people should know.
wrong idea of evolution

People see images like the above and they think that they have understood the evolution.

Y’all know, first came chimpanzees and then humans. Case closed, I do not believe in evolution, it’s stupid.

Well, maybe if you were not ignorant enough and google searched “evolution” and read for 10 minutes (NOT DAYS, 10 freaking minutes!) you would actually understand the theory of evolution.

And it is not like you can “believe” in evolution. It’s not like evolution is solelybased on experimental data — and the vile scientists (as always) lie to you.

Evolution also makes sense! It is pure logic.

For example, ugly people in the 21st century are not marrying because… well, because they are ugly. They do not have kids and do not pass on their genes.

This can go on for generations. After several generations, the average physical attraction of humans would be higher than it is now because only the non-ugly people have kids.

See? This is how evolution works.

In the past, traits that mattered in reproduction and survival were physical prowess (for example, for hunting food) or the drive to reproduce.

Moreover, we do not come from chimpanzees.


See this tree? This is the actual evolution not what was on the first picture.

Humans & Chimpanzees had common ancestors.

For some reasons (for instance, changing the environment), two species evolved.

And, to ask, “why didn’t all monkeys turn into humans?” is pointless and completely illogical. WHY WOULD THEY?! Evolution doesn’t explain monkeys became humen. Evolution says humans evolved from common ancestors (and they don’t exist anymore, because they evolved into humans and monkeys and other species.). Now, if after all of these, your argument against evolution is “my ancestors can’t be apes, you crazy scientists!” then I have nothing else to say.

You are a god and your ancestors can’t be apes.

Good for you. Just stay away from us. Also, an advice: read some books, you might get educated eventually…

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