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Preparing For That Calorie Deficit Life

Recently I have taken a couple month long breaks off of watching my eating, I went on a training vacation to Florida for a week, America is amazing… the amount of nutritious and delicious burgers of all different shapes and sizes fill my needs, I love burgers god dammit! anyways, I obviously gained some weight over that time and now it is time to melt this stuff off hate feeling flab on my stomach, I have tried numerous “diets” in the past… I even went Vegan for a month but I love eating flesh so I stopped that, in the end… I have learned that simplicity rules over all, people work really hard at making life so much more complicated then it has to be, thus in my search for something to get me out of this crashing system I came all the way back to the Calorie Deficit… I studied up on this shit for some time and learned that you can basically eat whatever the fuck you want and still lose weight! Really?  Yes, really I have done this so check this out, this is what worked for me.

Okay so, where we get started, all you need to do is calculate your maintenance level of calories for your body weight! now this equation is to roughly estimate what yours is, so this is what you need to do.


Body Weight in (lbs) x 14-17 = estimated daily calorie maintenance level.


once you have this number, simply subtract calories in order to lose weight per week, for myself, I usually do a gradual decrease in calories, I find it helps me deal with hunger a lot easier when its gradual, so you do not just binge out one night because of Rage hunger, doing this also leads everything to a more sustainable life style, so your not just cutting down to binge right after and gain it all back. If I am currently eating more then my maintenance level, I will gradually decrease calories to maintenance, then slowly decrease calories until I am in a 500 calorie deficit. Best part about the Calorie deficit is… it does not matter what you eat… as long as your in the deficit your good, reason being is that food is energy, your body does not sit their and go oh this McDonald’s cheese burger is bad for you so I am going to make you gain fat, no, it does not work like that, however I am not saying eating purely garbage food is the best way to go about this, but we want a sustainable life style, so live a little… I love chocolate, so I eat it every day when I am on the deficit… including smores pop tarts, but the other 80 percent of the food intake during the day is wholesome foods.


If all other ways have failed for you then give this style of eating a try, I strongly believe in never limiting oneself… we are all going to die someday so I am going to enjoy the food I put in my body while I am here, good for me or not. a lot of mainstream diets are bull shit, just ways of making your life a little shittier and ways for making them money. I will be updating my fat melting as I go along, I assure you I will be getting shredded while still eating junk food, oh and strength gains! all about them strength gains! something I forgot to mention, as for carbs, proteins and fats, I would say depending on your individual needs, if your an athlete like my self, usually high carbs, high proteins,  I never forget fats, little bit of coconut oil on my meals works best for me. till next time guys! peace!

Acne Cures: Is there a Natural Acne Cure that Works?

Are there natural acne cures that work or is it a new age myth? Is there a permanent cure for acne or are all acne sufferers sentenced to the Sisyphean battle of tackling the ‘on the surface’ symptoms? Is there an honest, natural and safer alternative to the endless use of over the counters and to the nasty side effects inflicted by conventional drugs, creams and topical acne treatments?

ACNA Curse

Most dermatologists and other western medicine followers have already answered that controversial question by claiming that acne, among other diseases simply cannot be cured.

There are 2 reasons for that:

  1. Most dermatologists don’t even know what the real cause of acne is. It’s amazing but true. They are highly familiar with the symptoms of acne and they specialize in tackling the ‘on the surface’ symptoms, but unfortunately they cannot tell you what the internal conditions are that cause your acne to form in the first place. If you don’t believe me just ask your dermatologist.
  2. Most doctors work in conjunction with the pharmaceutical and drug companies and the latter is not motivated, so to speak, at discovering a cure for Acne or Aids or Cancer – simply because hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on finding treatments for the symptoms of diseases. Why? simply because their global aim is to make more profit by creating consumer dependency. By applying medications and creams that deal merely with the symptoms while ignoring the source or the internal cause of the disease, acne will never be cured. The average acne sufferer will become more and more reliant on drugs that temporarily calm the symptoms and that means steady income for the drug and pharmaceutical companies.

There’s a lovely metaphor describing acne among other chronic diseases and the way modern medicine deals with these afflictions: If you manage to kill all the mosquitoes around a stale pond using chemicals, for a little while there will be no mosquitoes.

But since the source of the problem (what causes the mosquitoes to appear) is still there – the stale, disgusting pond where mosquitoes can find food and fertile ground for laying their eggs – mosquitoes will always come back!

The same thing happens with your acne!

Without eliminating the source of your acne condition, you will never get rid of your acne. Without fixing the internal problem that is causing your acne, you may find temporary relief, but your acne will always come back until you do something fundamental to eradicate the cause from within…until you make the pond (your body or internal system) a place where ‘mosquitoes’ cannot exist.

Ultimately, every disease results from a breakdown within your body. All major diseases and chronic conditions are warning signs of something very fundamentally wrong inside. Deepak Chopra refers to this as “The violation of simple laws of nature that make our body function.”

The very surprising truth is that you are lucky for having acne. Let me explain…Acne, like constant headaches, irritable bowel syndrome or dandruffs is only a small message from your body that something is wrong internally and should be addressed and corrected.

Now, there are two choices you can make – you can:

  1. Ignore that message – big mistake! The internal imbalance that caused your acne will, in most cases, turn into a chronic condition. Now instead of just having acne you’ll start having other hormonal imbalance or toxic overload related symptoms in addition to acne. Because the internal problem is not fixed, the disease symptoms get more and more intense.
  2. Listen to your body and start fixing the internal problem that causes your acne to appear in the first place; you will not only get rid of your acne you will also achieve beautiful, healthy, even toned clear skin complexion, re-balance your body and prevent future hormonal or toxic overload related conditions.

The simple truth is…you are out of balance. We now live a ‘far-from-natural’ lifestyle. There are over 300 synthetic industrial chemicals present in our bodies that did not exist 50 years ago. We are filled with toxins from the food, and medication we ingest and use.

By fixing the internal condition that causes your acne in addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet & mindset, cleanse & detoxify, hormonal balancing etc.) you will put your body back into balance – holistically – your acne will cease to exist and you feel as healthy and attractive as ever!

It doesn’t matter what type of acne you have. Whether you suffer from: acne vulgaris, acne Conglobata, acne Rosacea, Acne Fulminans, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules or Cysts: The principles required to cure your acne are basically the same. The “holistic” ways of treating people have been around for thousands of years, and they absolutely work whether you have teen or adult acne; whether you suffer from acne on your back, shoulders or chest or if you suffer from female related acne such as menopause acne or acne due to monthly cycles.

Whatever your acne condition is, when you finally decide to stop making the same acne treatment mistakes that have been holding you back and begin applying the holistic approach to curing acne, you can literally choose to become clear and stay clear. You will have the power to make it happen.

I am tired of explaining evolution to people : See the First And Second Picture

Have you heard the questions like,

“If humans evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?!”

“I am not an ape. My ancestors were humans! I do not BELIEVE in that crap!”

 So here is the true thing about which every people should know.
wrong idea of evolution

People see images like the above and they think that they have understood the evolution.

Y’all know, first came chimpanzees and then humans. Case closed, I do not believe in evolution, it’s stupid.

Well, maybe if you were not ignorant enough and google searched “evolution” and read for 10 minutes (NOT DAYS, 10 freaking minutes!) you would actually understand the theory of evolution.

And it is not like you can “believe” in evolution. It’s not like evolution is solelybased on experimental data — and the vile scientists (as always) lie to you.

Evolution also makes sense! It is pure logic.

For example, ugly people in the 21st century are not marrying because… well, because they are ugly. They do not have kids and do not pass on their genes.

This can go on for generations. After several generations, the average physical attraction of humans would be higher than it is now because only the non-ugly people have kids.

See? This is how evolution works.

In the past, traits that mattered in reproduction and survival were physical prowess (for example, for hunting food) or the drive to reproduce.

Moreover, we do not come from chimpanzees.


See this tree? This is the actual evolution not what was on the first picture.

Humans & Chimpanzees had common ancestors.

For some reasons (for instance, changing the environment), two species evolved.

And, to ask, “why didn’t all monkeys turn into humans?” is pointless and completely illogical. WHY WOULD THEY?! Evolution doesn’t explain monkeys became humen. Evolution says humans evolved from common ancestors (and they don’t exist anymore, because they evolved into humans and monkeys and other species.). Now, if after all of these, your argument against evolution is “my ancestors can’t be apes, you crazy scientists!” then I have nothing else to say.

You are a god and your ancestors can’t be apes.

Good for you. Just stay away from us. Also, an advice: read some books, you might get educated eventually…

Biologic Drugs – Are They Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

I’d like to spend a few minutes with you talking about a recent article that came out in one of our major gastroenterology journals in regard to the safety of biologic medicines for women who are pregnant so women are always concerned.

understandably about whether therapies they’re taking for their chronic illness are going to cause birth defects and one of the major medications used to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s but also other chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis psoriasis are the anti TNF agents.
so that includes Remicade and Humera Cinzia and symphony well those are very good at controlling symptoms but what do they do to the potential for birth defects in a pregnant woman. so this was a very nice study looking at all of the children born throughout the country of Sweden as well as Denmark and they were able to track all of those women who were treated with these medicines and exposed 90 days before conception and then 90 days after conception which is the time frame where birth defects would occur and it turns out that women who were exposed to any of these medications to treat their disease had no more of an increased risk for developer delivering a child who had a birth defect compared to women who also had the disease but not treated with anti TNF agents nor compared to the healthy controls.
so these were women who did not have any disease whatsoever so that’s incredibly reassuring so purists will say well maybe the absolute number didn’t go up but how about specific birth defects was there a signal that perhaps even though the absolute didn’t go up that maybe all of the side effect all of the birth defects that were seen were from the baby’s heart or from the baby’s bladder and it turns out that that wasn’t true either.
it turns out that it didn’t matter what their disease what the mother’s disease was either so what this means is that these therapies when used to control inflammation are not associated with an increased risk for birth defects in the children born to these moms.


so the implication is that we do not need to stop these therapies what a woman is contemplating conception nor should they be stopped when she finds out that she is pregnant.

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Osteoarthritis of the Hip

There could be several reasons for pain over the hip, and one of the common reasons escalates from the back. In medical terms, osteoarthritis of the hip is a joint-related problem that affects people (to be precise, older people), and it is a common disease that targets the hip joint, with 15% men and 25% women experiencing the symptoms over the age of sixty years.

Usually, previous trauma such as dislocation, fracture, or even disease of a joint may predispose it to osteoarthritic pain. In addition, you are more prone to this condition if you have an old family history of the disease and you will be more at risk if you are on the overweight or obese side since this puts stress on your hips. However, you should know that you could encounter this condition even if you do not have any particular risk factors.

The best option at such times is to seek chiropractic Atlanta pain management and consult the right team of specialists who can recommend the best path of treatment (through nonsurgical means).

The Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Often the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis could vary. One of the first signs could be slight discomfort and stiffness in the buttock, groin, or thigh as you wake up in the morning. A common symptom that most experts such as Kroll Care experts diagnose is a gradual increase of pain over the hip side going into the groin region, with the pain going down the thigh front and into the knee joint.

There is a pain in the knee and the main presenting symptom and the problem in the hip could hence easily be one you overlook. Usually, the pain can be worse with activity, especially most weight-bearing activities like walking and this could escalate when the weather is cold.

The patients experience loss of mobility and muscle strength, which results in difficulty when walking or running. It is also common to see a flexion fixture, which results in a characteristic type of limp with the person not being able to extend their thigh back. Due to restricted hip movement, the foot tends to turn outwards, so when engaging in activities like cycling, the knee, and thigh wants to turn out. It could also get difficult to put shoes and socks and trying to squat.

In most cases, rest can help to relieve the pain, but not in all cases and this depends on the inflammation level as well as the damage to the joint. You can use a stick at such times for support to help you walk easier.

Chiropractic Examination and Hip Osteoarthritis

There is no such evidence to show that osteoarthritis of structural changes could reverse or change, however, some cases have been around in the picture. Chiropractic treatment at such times may help to avoid unnecessary disability or pain and slows the disease progression.  Hence, this can delay the need for surgery or also avoid any need for it.

In addition to examining the hip joint, it is also vital to include an examination of the knee, back, foot, and ankle, since these are all the areas that influence the hip problem. Although the physical examination often picks up the problem easily, an x-ray is quite necessary to help confirm the diagnosis. The findings of the x-ray findings will give a clearer picture of how severe the problem actually is in the end.

This helps chiropractors to give a good and accurate prognosis, and it rules out all other causes that help to select the right set of treatment.

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps

Chiropractic treatment helps to:

  • Improve and reduce the inflammation of the moving joint, and relaxes muscle spasms, strengthening all the weakened ones. Exercise and lifestyle advice as well as tips on the treatment help to strengthen the joint. The chiropractic session with massage and stretching helps to relax the muscles and tighten them through manipulation and mobilization techniques.
  • Sometimes, an ultrasound can help to detect the interferential modalities.
  • Your chiropractor will also give you some exercises all based on your fitness level and personal needs. A well-supervised physical therapy program will show long-term results.
  • In addition, a healthy lifestyle and nutritional support will keep you healthy and feel It is important if your body heals from an injury.
  • In some studies, chondronitine and glucoseamine supplement prove to help all the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but a recent review shows it was not as effective.

Often, in case the problem becomes a severe one, osteoarthritis may need some orthopedic diagnosis or even surgery, but this is surely not the first option. For relief from pain, chiropractic treatment can help to delay the need for surgery and the sooner you receive treatment, the more you will benefit.

In case you need surgery, keep in mind that after the surgery, rehabilitation is necessary to strengthen the muscles in your body and it restores or even helps to maintain the flexibility of your hip along with any form of hip joint related problems.